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Aug 3, 2022

Holiday! Give your Executive functions a break

We’re finally entering the summer of relaxation. It’s time to relax and unwind! This is when we need to do things that require us to act very efficiently in order to get to work and school. And still, it is good to know that my marketing projects are in good hands.

It is time to let go of the things that are stressful and make time to have fun!
We have all been through many tough times over the last couple of years. It’s tough for us to focus on our health and having fun. Some people think that recent life challenges have squashed all their joy.

It’s time for us to heal. It’s time to believe that there are still many more possibilities. Some people need some gentle, playful nudges to get out of their rut of depression and anxiety – and for some people, that is what anger does.

I have worked with two people who appeared lifeless and unmotivated for work and seemingly everything else. I’ve met so many people who felt very isolated and disengaged from their loved ones.

My solution? What am I doing to stop being miserable? I removed the guilt by helping them to understand how Covid had hijacked their brains and taken over their lives. They clearly understood that it was not just Covid that had hijacked their brains; it was much more than that. When I started working with both of them, they started to act more positively and recognize the different people they are now.

I gave them an optional assignment to accomplish before we next met: To leave their house and try doing something new. They all agreed that it was fun to try something different.

Just thinking about doing something different makes each of these young people happy. It was fun doing things like going to another restaurant for the first time and cooking up a delicious dish with soft-cooked soy curls that had been marinated for about 3 days. And it was really fun to make a yummy dish with yummy food in the company of my dear friend Floran Janssen. That’s even better for a young person like that! Celebration!

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that allows you to use your physical and mental flexibility.
Doing new things improves your ability to be physically and mentally flexible.

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that allows you to use your physical and mental flexibility.

Doing new things improves your ability to be physically and mentally flexible. ”

“The most important is the ability of the Jiu Jitsu affiliate to adapt to different situations and help you to improve your skills. The BJJ affiliate is the person who will give you advice based on your level of experience. Someone who knows a lot of techniques can teach you, but it’s not always easy to give everyone the same amount of attention.

More fun!
I am working on my journey toward having more fun.
Over the last three weekends, Ive been living my life to the fullest: having fun with my family and friends and learning new things. I celebrated our anniversary by going to see a martial arts expert. We learned a lot about what is called judo. I had fun doing that.

I am typing this on a train heading back to London after a weekend in Wales. My family got together and celebrated my dad’s birthday! It has not happened to us in over 6 years!

In the quieter moments of this train ride, I joyfully spent time learning how to use an excellent garden planning app available through Territorial Seeds. I used my mind to think creatively about the future as I planned the vegetables that would be planted during the fall season and even started making winter plans for the year 2023. I have put things on my to-do list to get the dirt for my raised garden bed ready to plant the vegetables I intend to grow this fall. It will be great! I am so excited to start digging a garden for my vegetable garden. I am excited to start working on it. I am excited to start planting seeds. I am very excited about this project and the future of my vegetable garden. Seeds, apples and pears.
I love to plant seeds in pods. I can’t wait to dig them up and get my hands on some of those beautiful orange seeds that they sell at Territorial Seeds.

Friends, this summer, enjoy some quiet time to pause, savor, and be with your loved ones. Try something new for a change. It will benefit your brain and your ability to function more efficiently.

Lets’ go for more joy!

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